About us


The team is comprised mainly of technology addicts and software developers. We take pride in the work we do and being users of the service ourselves, try our best to give users the best experience possible.

Jérome Devillers

Frontend Developer

Jerome is the UI expert of EnlightNS and has been working as a UI developer for several companies for about a decade. Since the rest of the EnlightNS team is completely filled with backend developers, the need for a frontend developer was dire. Jerome's unique perspective and expertise made him an ideal addition to the EnlightNS team.

Dominick Rivard


Dominick has been working in the software industry for over a decade and has evolved his career amongst startups. He has worked extensively as a software developer and systems architect. In early 2014, he had the idea for his own startup and together with his friend Saqib, he started EnlightNS.

Saqib Yawar


Saqib has been working for startups and new ventures his whole career. He has worked in the industry both as a backend developer and as a DevOps, designing, implementing and managing cloud networks. Dominick introduced him to the idea of EnlightNS in 2014, and together they laid the foundation of this project.