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In recent years, it has become commonplace for people to use their broadband connection to host a multitude of services. FTP servers for file sharing, Ticketing and emailing systems, media sharing services and virtual workspaces are just some of the most common examples we see around us.


Using the public dynamic IP address assigned by your ISP and using port forwarding on your network; you are able to connect to your network from anywhere around the world.


This dynamic IP is the biggest headache for all those who have ever hosted or plan to host such a service. As the name suggests, the IP can change every time you disconnect from the net or more often, depending on your ISP policies. This would leave you disconnected from all these services, with no option but to manually check the new IP from within your network, which is frustrating if you are at work and need a file in your home virtual workspace and you just can not connect to it.

Possible Solutions

There are two possible solutions to solve this issue:

  1. Buy a static IP address from your ISP

  2. Setup a Dynamic DNS service like EnlightNS

Why not to use Static IPs?

Static IPs are security risk, since the address is always the same. Another issue is that with IPv6 becoming the norm, your IP addresses no longer look like but instead like FE80:0000:0000:0000:0202:B3FF:FE1E:8329, which means you have to buy a domain name or record on some server, just to keep track of it. Static IPs are not a cost-effective choice to begin with and this adds to that issue as well. Costs for one static IP from some of the canadian ISPs are:

Bell Canada 27.50$ CAD/IP/month

Videotron25$ CAD/IP/month

And some also limit it to just business packages, which means residential users either upgrade or find other solutions.

Why use EnlightNS?

The Dynamic DNS service provided by EnlightNS is much more secure since the IP keeps changing and you already get a record ( to remember and not an ip, so no additional investment is required. As for the cost, at EnlightNS the cost is between

0.5$ CAD to 0.65$ CAD/record/year

At the moment there is a simple Command-Line Interface to set-up automated updates for the service and an Android App with a point-and-click interface to keep your mobile devices connected as well.

It is also possible to set your home router to update your hostname, by using the EnlightNS api directly. This solution has currently been tested with Tomato, DD-WRT, DLink and Linksys firmwares and you can read the documentation for further instructions.

What is unique about EnlightNS?

  1. No request limit on any package

  2. No account timeouts, which means that we do not block or remove an account if your IP address remains static

  3. Service api can be used by all users to embed the service in their own apps without any further configuration (documentation)

  4. Competitive pricing

  5. Easy-to-use interface and applications

  6. Complete logs of all events, including the ability to rollback.

Setting Up the service

Just sign-up at EnlightNS and you get a free record to test the service out. After that follow the docs to install the EnlightNS-Cli on your machine or the EnlightNS-Updater App on your phone and you are done.

Setup your local network and port forwarding rules as you would usually do and connect to your network using the record name you chose on the site.


EnlightNS provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective Dynamic DNS solution for people who want to stay connected to all their home or office networks, irrespective of where you are or how many times your IP address changes.



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